What is quality?

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What is Quality?


Simple. A good quality shirt is a comfortable shirt. It is a shirt that you want to wear. Most screen printed shirts are printed with Plastisol inks. Plastisol inks produce prints that are plastic and heavy. We use only water based inks. Water based inks are soft, comfortable, and breathe-able. Breathe-able means the shirt breathes, even through the print. There is nothing worse than wearing a shirt with a heavy plastic print on a hot day. That is never an issue with a shirt printed with water based ink. It doesn't matter how big or solid the print is, it still breathes. No sweat!


Water based printing allows for more detailed designs, especially on dark garments. Discharge water based inks allow for light color printing on dark garments without the use of an underprint, unlike Plastisol printing. Plastisol printing requires that a white underprint be printed and dried to achieve a light print on dark garments. Plastisol underprints add another layer of ink, additional cost, and  create a more distorted print. Discharge water base prints have crisp clean edges, bright vibrany colors, and are light and breathe-able. Check out the Whetstone Station logo below. It is a 4-color, 3 inch diameter print with amazing detail. That type of detail on a dark garment can only be achieved using water based inks.

Pantone Colors

Need custom color matching? No problem. Choose a pantone color. We'll match it.


Discharge Printing

With water base discharge inks there is no extra charge to print light colors on dark garments. 

Vintage Style

Water based ink is great for vintage and distressed prints. Soft and comfortable.

We guarantee our work 100%. If you do not like your order, for any reason, we will reprint your order or refund your money.