The Difference

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The Difference

Our Commitment to the Environment

At Vermont Green Printing we are committed to conducting our business with as little negative environmental impact as possible.

  • We consider the health of our planet in every decision we make, from our inks to our packing materials. 
  • We purchase recycled products. We reduce our use of harmful chemicals and non-biodegradable products. We re-use containers and boxes.
  • We recycle paper, plastic, glass, metal, and cardboard.
  • We are committed making great products that you can feel good about.

Better Quality Printing

Garments printed with water based inks are more comfortable to wear. They are soft and breathe-able unlike the solvent based Plastisol ink that most printers use. Why don't more printers use water based ink? Because it is more expensive and difficult to print with. To learn about what we mean when we say "quality", visit our What is Quality page.

Competitive Pricing & No Set Up Fees

Our pricing is competitive with other local printers. No screen fees. No art charge or set up fee unless the original artwork requires more than 30 minutes of prep to make it suitable for screen printing.

Water Based Inks

Not all water based inks are the same. Most solvent based Plastisol ink manufacturers make water based ink. Most of the "water based" inks on the market are really no better for the environment than solvent based Plastisol inks. The manufacturers see a trending market and make a product that fits that market. 
The inks we use are different. Our inks are manufactured by two companies that only make water based ink. These companies strive to make the best, non-toxic ink available. Neither company makes solvent based inks. 
Our Japanese ink manufactuer is the industry leader in the PVC free and phthalate free inks. Their inks are widely available in the US and are used by both Nike and Adidas. Our other ink manufacturer is in Italy. The Italian inks are not yet available here in the US. We import them directly from Italy to Vermont. This cutting edge ink is difficult to work with, but will someday be the benchmark for quality and environmental sustainability.

Natural Chemicals

Due to the fact that water based inks require only water for clean up, we do not need as many chemicals here at Vermont Green Printing. Solvent based inks require solvents for clean up. We have no such solvents at our shop. The few chemicals we do have to clean up adhesive and to reclaim screens
are derived from soy beans, citrus, and other natural ingredients.

Free Vermont Delivery

We deliver! And...if you are in Vermont, we do it for free. Whether you are local to the Stowe/Morrisville area or all the way down in Brattleboro,
we (or UPS) will deliver your order to your door at no charge.

Our Guarantee

If you are not entirely satisfied with your order we will refund your money or replace the order. Your choice.